Passionate documentary filmmaking committed to powerful storytelling.

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With over 15 years experience as an independent production company, Banks Productions Limited is known as a respected, award winning, and high end documentary producer that is committed to excellence, entertainment and sound journalism.

Banks Productions carefully builds the right team for the right story with a knack for producing contemporary, yet timeless pieces with social relevance.

Producer Cynthia Banks has written and directed memorable, international award-winning docs. Most recently Apocalypse 2012 won a Platinum Remi Award for television directing at the 44th Houston Int'l Film Festival and has sold around the world. Both it and an audience favourite, Customer (dis)Service continue to air on MSNBC. Based on Tom Harper's best-seller, The Pagan Christ won Best Documentary Award at the US Int'l Film & Video Festival and a Platinum Remi Award at the 41st Houston Int'l Film Festival. A National Film Board production, 10-7 for Life chronicled the last two harrowing weeks on the job for a burnt-out cop who is Banks' sister. The Sky's the Limit was a winner of the Gold Remi Award at the 42nd Houston Int'l Film Festival. She was nominated for a Gemini for her direction of A Hail of Bullets, the CBC flagship's investigative program 'fifth estate' report on James Roszko's killing of four RCMP officers. Many of her productions, including her latest - The Real Dirt On Gossip - can be seen on

On this site you’ll find everything you need to know about the company or please give us a call. You’ll find our information under contact us.